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    The Small Business Saturday movement is growing. Now in its' seventh year the campaign for this December is well under way, showcasing this year's #smallbiz100 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin and touring the counrty in the big blue bus. All in the name of encouraging people to find and support their local business heros. 

    Last Wednesday the tour bus came to my town, Carlisle. As a past '100' winner I went along to show my support and help to spread the message. I was joined by my friend and 2019 #smallbiz100 winner, Ursh Stevens, who's business Rockit Home was being showcased throughout the day. Also on the bus where three lovely ladies from Dumfries, all 100 winners and all representing amazing small businesess. What made the day special was actually meeting and chatting to these fabulous women. All doing different things with but all with common ups and downs of running a small business. 

    Collaboration and supporting each other is just as importmant as anything in business - especially when you are the only one working for it, and that's also what the Small Business Saturday message is about. 

    small biz ladies

    From left to right: Mel from More Organised, Julie from Cloud 9 Studio Gallery, Ursh from Rockit Home, Me & Louise from The Dumfries Larder. 

    We all had the chance to do a live Facebook interview, talking about ourselves and what we do. I may or may not have waffled on about the importance of supporting small and local online businesses, as well as those on the high street and forgot to tell everyone what I sell! Seriously though, it was an honor to be able to spend time with enthusiastic people and to talk about the important issues facing small businesses. 

    I also took the chance to visit some local Carlisle stores to drop of posters and get them to pop along to the bus. What struck me was the amount of businesses that were still unaware of Small Business Saturday and how they can get invloved. I pushed the point that, no matter what line of work we are in, we all face the same issues and that by supporting each other in every way we can, is invaluable to our success. 

    small biz me


    So how can you get involved? Business owners can visit www.smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com and register in the directory, for free, discover how to be 100 winner in the future; as well as finding lots of tips and social media imformation to help spread the word. Everyone else - you can use the directory to find a business in your area and support it by using their service or telling your friends about it. You can also choose to do some of your Christmas shopping from independent stores. If you think it doesn't make a difference you are wrong. Your purchase means that a family is supported, a business can keep going, a dream is realised and money goes back in to your local economy... not to a faceless corporation. 

    This year's Small Business Saturday is on the 7th December and KUKShades will be celebrating by offering something special. So keep an eye out on our social media pages, for all the details. Do remember though that a small business is not just for Christmas... please show your support all year long, it means the world to us,

    Candice xx 

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