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  1. As we are coming to the end of the year thought it would be fun to showcase our top five best selling items of 2013.

    This year KUKShades have become stockists for two new brands and we have hand picked many new styles and colours from our more familar ranges. We are proud of everything we stock and believe we are bringing you the very best quality products at great prices... but what have you loved? 

    Here's our... or should I say your, top five!

    top 5 2013

    NUMBER ONE: The 'Charlotte' Dotty Beach Bag from The Old Bag Company. You love it because of all the fantastic design features, like the side pockets and magazine holder, and the capacity - fitting in all you need for a beach day. We believe this to be the perfect family beach bag and it was no surprise to us that 'Charlotte' topped the list. The most popular colour was Sky Blue.

    NUMBER TWO: The Spotty Purse from The Old Bag Company. This fabulous purse had a redesign this year making it more compact and user friendly. Our customers loved the range of colours and the fact that the 18 internal compartments were perfect for all those cards we aquire in life!

    NUMBER THREE: The 'Cristina' from Bill Brown's Basics Range. It's simple and good looking, that's what makes this small beach bag popular with our customers. There are no zips or linings, just a simple coconut shell button to keep it all together. Many of our customers use this bag when they take their children swimming because it dosn't matter if it gets wet and there's enough room for your towel. Your colour of choice this year... was blue!

    NUMBER FOUR: The 'Bali' Beach Bag from Pia Rossini: Pia Rossini was new to KUKShades in 2013 and we are delighted with the success of their products. This large beach bag is made from jute and features a bright floral design. Comments from our customers tell us that they love the size and the long handles make it comfortable to carry. This bag at the moment is sold out... but fear not, it will be back next year!

    NUMBER FIVE: The 'Memphis' Fashion Aviator from Eyelevel. Sunglasses are where KUKShades started and we are delighted this range made it in to the top five. The aviator is such a classic style and Eyelevel have given it a modern twist with painted metal frames in three cool pastel shades. The most popular colour was white... because, we are told, it goes with everything! You can't argue with that!


    So that's it, our five best sellers of 2013. We now look forward to a new season, new products and new brands joining us. 

    The Style File will be back in February - but you can still catch up with what's going on if you join us on Facebook or Twitter.


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  2. This time of year many of us prefer a city break to a beach gettaway, so we are leaving the sand and getting inspiration from three fabulous cities for this month's Style File.

    From the KUKShades store room we recommend taking a canvas pouch from Alphabet Bags, on your city break. They are like portable pockets, great for keeping essentials close at hand. They are also set to be a fashion must have this season. A pair of oversize sunglasses are a must when in the city - the sun may not always shine, but they are ideal for adding a touch of glamour to whatever you wear!

    paris london new york style fileParis - London - New York

    Inspired by Paris we have selected a cute pair of earrings featuring the Eiffel Tower, as romantic as the city and made by the fabulous Beadish Delight.

    In London, well we don't always have the weather do we? So wise to pack an unbrella. We love this two tone option from London Undercover!

    New York is a once in a life time, dream destination and so we had no choice but to complete our file with this elegant 'City Of Dreams' tee by Jane Norman.

    We hope you like our collection inspired by a city break and if you are lucky enough to get away this Autumn, we wish you safe and happy travels.



    Oversize Sunglasses: KUKShades


    Canvas pouch: KUKShades


    Eiffel Tower Earrings: Beadish Delight 


    Two Tone Umberella: London Undercover.


    City Of Dreams Tee: Jane Norman - London.


     Paris, London, New York Print: The Love Shop