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  1. A sarong in your suitcase is always a great idea. These versatile garments can be worm in a variety of ways, they pack small and are usually inexpensive. At KUKShades we get lots of questions from customers about the sarong... so we thought we put them all together and answer them, in The Sun Room, just for you.

    Q. How see through are sarongs?

    Our sarongs by Pia Rossini are made from a light polyester and would be described as sheer, so there is an element of 'see through' to them. Even the darker colours let a little light through. If you have a sarong in a block colour you could always double it over for extra coverage. The halter neck style is also a great way to cover the front. With a patterned sarong, the colours and mix of shapes divert the eye, making it harder to see through. So if you are a little unsure, maybe a patterned sarong is the option for you. 

    Q. How do I wear my sarong?

    There are lots of ways to wear your sarong but some styles do take a bit of practice. The key is to wrap, fold and tie it, to hold it in various styles. There are lots of video tutorials on YouTube with hints and tips. Some, however, can be a little bit overwhelming. Our favourite is this one by Itchy Feet Diary, it's so clever with 8 easy to follow styles.


    Q. How do I care for my sarong?

    Looking after your sarong is easy. a gentle wash in the machine or a hand wash will be all it needs. Dry it flat and you are ready to go.

    Q. Do they come in different sizes?

    Generally with a sarong, it's one size fits all but they can come in different sizes, so do check the label or dimensions listed. If you are wanting to try some adventurous styling, a larger size would be easier to work with. The Pia Rossini saongs we sell at KUKShades are 100cm x 180cm - perfect! 

    Q. What is the different between a sarong and a kikoy? 

    In terms of how you would wear a kikoy, then it is very similar to a sarong. A kikoy however, would look and feel different. Kikoys are usually made of cotton and would look more like a beach towel. Some kikoys have toweling sewn onto one side. 

    So there are our most frequently asked questions about beach sarongs. If you have one for us, please get in touch,

    Candice x



  2. It's late September, the air is crisp and cool, the nights are drawing in and the trees are preparing for the changing season. Summer will soon become a memory and that holiday in the sun will feel like it happened a lifetime ago. It's understandable to feel a sense of loss at this time of year - although the autumn can be just as warm and colourful. For this edition of The Sun Room, I thought it would nice to feature some ideas that can help us hold on to summer just a while longer, a few treats to trigger memories of sunshine and help us to look forward. 

    From our friends at Kiss Air Candles, we recommend their Sun Kissed Raspberry soy candle. Burn this candle and be transported to the garden with summer fruits ripening in the sun. Perfect for adding a bit of sunshine to a grey day. These large tins have a burn time of up to 30 hours, so your summery fragrance will last and last. You can buy this candle from www.kiss-air.com 

    raspberry kiss airraspberries


    Our second treat is so much fun and will transport you pool side in an instant. It's also very practical for the winter months too, when we need to give our hands a little TLC. This hand cream is from a selection of cocktail inspired products from the wonderful Boozi Body Care. There are lots of fragrances to choose from, including Mojito and Kir Royal - my favourite is the tropical Peach & Passion Fruit Bellini - which lives in my handbag at this time of year. The warm scent lasts for ages and melts into the skin. Gorgeous!



    The iconic summer holiday cocktail has to be a Pina Colada. Lets face it, it's practically sunshine in a glass... with a cherry and an umbrella on top. As the nights draw in and you are dreaming of a cheeky cocktail, we invite you to put your slippers on, grab a blanket and enjoy these creamy pineapple & coconut lollies with a kick of real white rum. These grown up sweet treats are handmade by Holly's Lollies and come in a variety of summery flavours.

    hollys lollies pina colada 










    Are you feeling warmed up yet? Good!

    Of course one cure for the loss of summer is to look forward and plan your next beach holiday. If that's you then why not keep all your important documents, passports, reservations and brochures in one of our handy pouches. All ready for when you jet off to the sun. You can find these in our Accessory Dept. 

    scenic route pouch


    So, my lovelies, what ever this change of season brings, lets embrace it and enjoy it because this wonderfull world of ours is sure to keep on turning and summer will be here again. 

    Candice x