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A Little Thought On Plastic.

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It's January 2018 and you cannot have escaped all the news and articles about plastic; our relationship with it and the problems this can cause. It is evident that our love of this versatile material has resulted in some devestating consequences for our environment.

plastic beach

What else could I do but make a resolution, to do my bit and and use less plastic. I asolutely believe that if everyone does a little, it will add up to a lot. So off I go, looking for paper bin liners for the bathroom, paper stemmed cotton buds and with my resusable shopping bag, buy loose instead of packaged fruit and veg. It's a start and I know there will be so much more I can do.

I have also been talking about plastic on social media beacuse I realised that I already sell products that might be useful if you wanted to reduce plastic use too. It is the philosophy at KUKShades, to purchase ethically manufactured products for the store and we always think carefully about our packaging, always using degradable mailing sacks - so I guess we have been 'doing our bit' for some time.

So what can I show you?

Our very popular zipped canvas pouches, by Alphabet Bags, are a great alternative to plastic folders. Large enough for A4 documents, you can keep all your travel, flight details, tickets and passports safe and close to hand.

Natural & sustainable materials are important and that's why we love our genuine Turkish cotton towels, made using traditional methods in Ankara.

We all need a resuable shopping bag these days, our large canvas beach totes are perfect for this - so don't hide them away until the summer months. Use them everyday!

roam model        tt yellow model       bigbagmine_model

I don't think a life without plastic is ever going to be a reality, too many aspects of our lives rely on it and all the inovations over the years give it so many plus points. It will be the little things we do that will be the most meaningful. Clearing up after ourselves on the beach or at the park, disposing of our plastic sensibly and resolving to make changes to our everyday habbits - like swapping to paper bin liners! 

Let's do this. Happy New Year,

Candice xx



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