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Looking after your skin in the summer months is a priority. We need to moisturise and protect our skin daily to prevent damage and aging. Like me, you may have tried a range of summer skin products, including self tans, bronzers and various SPF moisturisers and sun creams. So when I came across Tancream via Twitter, I was natually curious.

Tancream is a new, premium sun cream, founded by Gillian Robson and Katy Foxcroft from York. It offers SPF50 protection, 5 star UVA protection, an instant bronzer, a gradual self tan and with a blend of organic sunscreens is moisturising and anti aging. Oh... and on the bottle it claims to be odour and streak free. This is the FISRT TIME an SPF50 suncream and a self tan have been formulated together! It is also made in the UK. Now you can see why I was so curious, how wonderful to find a product from a British brand that had all you need for glorious summer skin, in one beautiful bottle. 

tancream image

Before I had the chance to get in touch with the company to try it for myself, they contacted me to see if I would be interested in adding Tancream to KUKShades. I was thrilled. Soon after that my bottle arrived, ready for me to test and review for The Sun Room. 

As you know, when I'm considering adding a product line to KUKShades I am quite particular. I would never add anything I didn't feel was genuine and quality is the very top of my checklist. To get straight to the point... I would be thrilled to add Tancream to the store. I love this product and here's why.

  • THE TEXTURE: It's an SPF50 sun cream like no other, the texture is velvet smooth with no sticky residue on the skin. It honestly feels like I'm putting on body lotion not sun protection. If you have been advised to wear a high protection sun cream but find it 'clogs' the skin, you need to try this!


  • IT'S ANTI AGING: Tancream has 5 Star UVA  protection (which is the maximum). This kind of protection will defend against skin aging as well as harmful rays. All those lovely organic ingrediants help keep the skin moistuised too. That's what we like to hear.


  • THE BRONZER: I tried this on my face as a bronzer, which gave gave my skin an instant warm glow. I do have sensitive skin and a little redness in the cheeks. Tancream did not cause any irritation and went on smoothly with a matt finish. Other facial bronzers I have tried have left my skin a bit shiny afterwards and consequently breakouts - not Tancream.


  • THE TAN: As a self tan, the coverage is very good. Tancream is easy to apply using the pump bottle and I didn't experience any streaks. You need a good amount for coverage and the colour you get, as you apply, is very natural. One application will give you a lovely glow in preparation for a night out, or you can build up your tan daily. I think this is ideal for those of you who have been advised to wear a high SPF on holiday - but you'd still like to take on a little colour. 


012One application.


  • THE SMELL: I'm sorry, what smell? We have all dreamed of a self tan without that familar biscuit smell. Tancream is virtually ordourless. It's amazing. 


  • THE FADE: After use & a few showers later, the colour has a gradual fade without looking patchy. This makes reapplying easy. 


The price for a 100ml bottle is £39. This bottle can replace your SPF50 suncream, bronzer and self tan. So with that in mind and having tested the product, I do feel that is it excellent value for a premium product.


Tancream is already taking the industry by storm, with nominations for beauty awards rolling in. To be honest I'm not surprised as there is nothing else like it. 

I have really enjoyed testing Tancream and if you want to find out more about the brand, the founders, the technology or to treat yourself, then visit: www.tancream.co.uk 

So, will I be stocking Tancream in the future? Watch this space!

Candice (tanned, protected and ready for summer) xx






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