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October: Fade To Grey?

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Autumn skies may often be grey.... but grey doesn't have to be dull!

fade to grey style fileFade To Grey.


This month I have put together a set comprising of accessories that will give a cool coastal feel to your autumn wardrobe. The key pieces, we have selected from the KUKShades accessory department, are the gorgeous matching scarf and purse from The Old Bag Company. Polka dots are timeless and the quality of these items mean you will get use out of them from one season to the next.

When we think of jewellery, a grey colour pallete doesn't always spring to mind, but you may just think again, now you have seen the pieces I've selected to go with our accesories. 

The beach pebble pendant is from The Strandline, unique and understated and a part of the coast you can keep with you always. The pretty pair of floral earrings are from Pheobe Dreams Jewellery and would go perfectly with the spotty scarf. The leather 'motto' bracelet from Menoyu Jewellery has a real beachy feel to it. It comes in many colours, with different mottos but this metalic grey 'Happiness' option is just right for this set! 

Of course - grey accessories will go with most things, but I just had to keep it coastal with this anchor top from Question-Air! I love anchors!

Until next time, Candice x


Spotty scarf and matching purse from KUKShades: www.kukshades.com/ourshop/cat_737240-Accessories.html

Beach pebble pendant: from The Strandline: www.thestrandline.co.uk/ourshop/prod_2479858-Beach-Stone-Necklace.html

Floral Earings from Phoebe Dreams Jewellery: www.etsy.com/uk/listing/160285463/grey-rose-earrings-fimo-flower-earrings?ref=shop_home_feat

Leather Motto Bracelet from Menoyu Jewellery: http://www.menoyujewellery.com/ourshop/prod_2640847-Metallic-Grey-Leather-Motto-Bracelet.html

Anchor top from Question Air: www.question-air.com/p-11116-sundry-la-marina-pullover.aspx?siteID=Hy3bqNL2jtQ-oZr6RwhAsxP4zTFChfXMVg


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